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Stage Packaging

פיתוח אריזה

"Innovation concept to challenge imagination for creating irresistible brand packaging shaping your future"

Hanan Arad Stage Packaging


Managed by Adi Arad & Nurit Arad – accompanied by a large team of experts led by Hanan Arad – a consulting expert in the packaging field, purchase of products & marketing of the food and beverage industry & packaging of commodities.

Expertise and challenging leadership in packaging and its development in the local and international markets.

Managing and developing packaging, purchaser and promoter of this industry for the last 30 years.


Former Purchasing Manager at the "Israeli Food Brands" like: Telma, Blue Band, Mata  Rose Of Galilay.


Former Packaging Development Manager "Unilever Israel"
and a Member Of The Marketing Management.

Today – member of the Packaging & Design Institute –
at the Israeli Industrialists Association.


Director member of the Plastic & Rubber Center.

1980-2007 Projects

Partner in establishing the Telma factories –
"Shefa Arad" (manufacturers of health food, morning cereals, "Patite" crackers, granola & healthy snacks).


Partner in the planning and design of packaging, production lines and concept of products, brand names for pet food – Dogli & Catli.

The chocolate Industry "Rose Of Galilay"

Specializing in flexible packaging of chocolate chips and chocolate bars, partner in the design of the brand name for the conception packaging of "Klik", enabling the team to win the packaging prize of "Star of Israel".

Brand names: "Knor", "Mazola" & "Blue Band" – a multi universal development of jars for powders and paste/spread made of polypropylene injected with I.M.L. decorations. One of the leaders of the concepts of the injected plastic packaging I.M.L. system and its implementation into the Israeli market.

P.E.T jars-for spreads and gravy

Mayonnaise spread– leaders in the process industry of injected blow moulds jars P.E.T. in the Israeli Industry, as well as its implementation at the "Best Food" agglomeration throughout the World.

Packaging of cosmetics and detergents

Partnership in the implementation & development of packaging at universal levels and their implementation into the Israeli companies of laundry powders & softeners, detergents "CIF" & shampoos (Dove & Lux).

Flexible Packaging

One of the specialist in the polypropylene films B.O.P.P industry in Israel and considered as World known name professional for types of films in the packaging industry.

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